Welcome to Marquart's Taekwondo and Kumdo!


We will reopen for in-person classes on Tuesday, January 5th, 2021, while adhering to the distancing guidelines of 12 feet between students.  Masks are required at all times.  Students will be required to perform hand hygiene on admittance and when departing the gym.  Online classes will continue as before at regular class times, so please email Marquart's Taekwondo (click here) for the link. 


Thank you and stay safe!

Special Sessions Available!

Personal Training and Street Fight Self-Defense sessions are now available! Classes are individually scheduled to fit your needs.  Exercise programs are tailored to the practitioner and feature a broad variety of exercises.  Programs include kettlebell training, mixed martial art conditioning, boxing, kickboxing, jump rope cardio, and much more.  Each class will test your limits and push you into a new level of fitness. Contact Grand Master Marquart today and set up your first workout!

  • Punch Training
  • Kettlebells
  • Conditioning Targets
  • Elbow Strikes
  • Ground Fight
  • Conditioning Ropes

    Welcome to Marquart's Tae Kwon Do & Kumdo! Marquart's offers classes for adults, classes for kids, and a class where your whole family can participate together. Tae Kwon Do is a great activity for children, adults, and families! Individuals of all ages will benefit from the great Martial Arts training at Marquart's Tae Kwon Do & Kumdo. It's a great time to join Marquart's Tae Kwon Do & Kumdo!

    It is our commitment to provide the best training possible for the enhancement and development of our students. Only official training and certifications are provided to our students so that they may learn in a safe and efficient manner.

    Benefits include:

    • Learn practical self-defense
    • Improved coordination, physical fitness and flexibility for Men, Women and Children
    • Improved self-confidence, self-control, and self-discipline
    • Education for the development of the complete individual as a martial artist

    Classes are year round. Instruction is led by Grand Master Eugene Marquart, with over 40 years of teaching experience. Grand Master Marquart is:

    • President of the USA Chang Moo Kwan Union
    • 9th Degree Taekwondo - Changmookwan World Taekwondo and Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Certified Grand Master
    • 6th Degree Hapkido - Korea Hapkido Association Certified Master and Founder of the Cchung-Ryoung Hapkido Federation
    • 4th Degree Kumdo Kumbub - International Kumbub-Kumdo Federation Certified Master

    Visitors and spectators are always welcome! Marquart's has a complete line of martial arts equipment available. Conveniently located at the intersection of 12th Ave S. and Main, 2 minutes from I-94.

    Please send email to Grand Master Eugene Marquart with any comments or questions.